Men’s Style Guide : Dress Shirt Cheat Sheet

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You think that you can just grab a dress shirt at the nearest department store with the same size as your normal white shirt? You think it’s just like your disposable white shirt that you can wash and wear? You are making a big mistake. There are principles to consider in shirt preference, how you wear it and how to take care of it.

  1. Fit that button up shirt. It is important that you try it on and look at yourself in a full length mirror so you can more or less assess how that shirt clasps your body.
  2. Have yourself measured, specifically the neck, sleeve length and shoulders. If a shirt doesn’t fit you well in these areas, you cannot do something about it – no alteration process can improve these sections. For the neck, you should be able to fit one to two fingers maximum as allowance between your neck and the buttoned up collar. The hem connecting the sleeve to the body of the shirt should exactly touch the corner of your shoulder.  And the length of the sleeve should just be past your wrist when unbuttoned.
  3. Choose a slim fit shirt. For all body type, it looks better if the shirt fits your upper body. The bonus fabric is unnecessary. If you couldn’t find a shirt that fits your neck, shoulders, arm’s length and at the same time fits well on your torso, have it altered for the body part or consider a tailored shirt custom-made for your body type. This is advisable to extra tall men or men with extra bulges.
  4. Try exploring colors other than white. Nowadays pink, lavender, lilac, lime green, powder blue shirts are commonly offered by brands. Just like a white classic shirt, light colored ones do not easily go out of style. Attempt a patterned shirt too but start with safer ones: pinstripes and plaid.
  5. You will never go wrong with a semi-spread collar. For casual or formal, wear it with a tie, bow tie or none, under a single breasted or double breasted suit, a shirt with a semi-spread collar looks good in a wide array of style.
  6. Keep your shirt tucked. No to lousy untucked shirts.
  7. The ultimate trick to look smart and uptight all day – collar stays. It makes your collar looks steady, snappy and in place. It commonly comes in plastic or metal and there are adjustable ones too. Do not forget to remove it before you throw your shirt in a laundry bag.
  8. And speaking of, after removing the stays, brush laundry soap on to the inside of the collar and cuffs as to avoid from staining and discoloration due to sweat and dirt. If possible, have it hand washed as this will lengthen the useful life of your shirt.
  9. If you can afford it, reward yourself a custom shirt. A hand made one that fit to perfection on you.

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